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Jake Butineau is a professional composer for video games and visual media based in Toronto, ON with credits in over 40 media projects including:

  • video games (music & sound design)
  • film, animated shorts
  • internet media; podcasts, YouTube, Twitch

Jake works with individuals and teams to realize their game's creative potential, while solving audio problems to help communicate information to the player. Jake believes atmosphere and game-feel are the keys to a memorable gaming experience and gets very excited when you mention environmental storytelling or in-world diegetic music.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University. He has given game audio talks at institutions and events such as: Centennial College, University of Information Technology, Screen Composers Guild of Canada, Audio Engineering Society, Toronto Ravel and Bonus Stage. He also hosts the Breakfast Game Audio Club and the Game Audio Campfire. If you see him at any local events, say hi!

Jake is also a content creator, known for his Game Music Discussion Videos and hosting The Game Music Podcast. He also makes the occasional silly gaming montage.

Jake is inspired by the sounds of analog synthesizers, spacey pianos, and the intimacy of Icelandic music. Check out his debut EP "Rook", available on Bandcamp.

Connect with Jake on social media:

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Pixile Inc.

Based in Vancouver, Pixile creates multiplayer games that expand the boundaries of their genres in fun and unique ways. Jake is currently working with them on Super Animal Royale!

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2Dogs Games

A Canadian studio led by industry veterans, 2Dogs is developing Destiny's Sword - a combat/strategy mmorpg that focuses on community and the mental health of your soldiers. Jake is currently composing the expansive soundtrack.

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The Pixel Crushers

Based in Toronto, The Pixel Crushers are in continuous development of ARia's Legacy, an AR escape room game now available for iOS! Jake is composing music, sound and recording the talented Felicia Valenti.

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Frolic Labs

Frolic Labs is an independent game studio based in Toronto, founded in 2013 by Amos Laber. Jake is creating the audio and music for their first original game, "Dune Sea"! To Be Released 2018.

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