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Jake Butineau is a professional composer for video games and visual media based in Toronto, ON with credits in over 40 media projects including:

  • video games (music & sound design)
  • film, animated shorts
  • internet media; podcasts, YouTube, Twitch

Known for his Game Music Discussion Videos and hosting The Game Music Podcast, Jake works with individuals and teams to realize their game's creative potential, while solving audio problems to help communicate information to the player. Jake believes atmosphere and game-feel are the keys to a memorable gaming experience.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University. He is an active member in the Toronto game dev community, hosting the monthly Breakfast Game Audio Club, frequently appearing on and regularly attending local Game Jams.

Jake is inspired by the sounds of analog synthesizers, spacey pianos, and the intimacy of Icelandic music. Check out his debut EP "Rook", available on Bandcamp.

Connect with Jake on social media:

Jake Butineau


News site dedicated to the video games developed in and around Toronto and the people who create them. Jake produces and hosts their twice-weekly show "News Bytes". He also composed the intro and guest stars on their weekly podcast.

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Screen Composers Guild of Canada

A national association of professional music composers and producers for film, television and media. Jake has been a member since 2016, and was accepted into their Apprentice/Mentorship program under Neil Parfitt in 2017.

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Frolic Labs

Frolic Labs is an independent game studio based in Toronto, founded in 2013 by Amos Laber. Jake is creating the audio and music for their first original game, "Dune Sea"! To Be Released 2018.

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Woolly Walrus Games

Woolly Walrus Games is an independent game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Jake created the soundtrack for "Block Swop", now available on the iTunes Store & Google Play.

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An independent news site dedicated to games by Blizzard Entertainment. Jake composed music for two of their weekly podcasts: Well Met!, A Hearthstone Podcast; and The Payload, An Overwatch Podcast!

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