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Rook EP is Released!

An Instrumental Story of Desperation and Vengeance

A Personal Landmark

Rook is a personal landmark for me: it's the first music that I've released that I'm really proud of. That's not to say I'm not proud of my other music, I wouldn't put anything out there if I didn't think it was worth sharing. Rook is more than that, though. It sounds cheesy, but the truth is I poured myself into Rook. I opened up some vulnerabilities and got myself invested. It isn't afraid of being criticized, or taking risks. It is exactly what it is.

It's all too often that I (and other musicians, I'm sure) worry about what others will think while they create their art. It's a feeling we struggle with every time our hands touch the keyboard, or we click 'Save As' on our projects. To put that aside and allow ourselves to make music that speaks to us without fear of criticism - that's tough. The last time I did that was in 2011, and I made an album that never saw the light of day (and it's lost now, by the way. Don't ask.) - Rook was terrifying to expose to the world, but I'm extremely happy with it.

A large percentage of Rook was actually scored to film, using scenes from one of my favourite movies. This film really hits me emotionally, which is probably why I was able to pour myself into the music. The album cover and the full-length video were a lot of fun to make (I'm finally putting that photography course to good use). Working on the visuals really excited me to continue the story - I'm planning at least 2 more EPs that will conclude the story that Rook has started. It's going to be a journey.

So, sit down, put on some headphones and enjoy. Thanks for listening.

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