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Toronto's Best Game Dev Meet-Ups 2018

Toronto has an amazing community of game developers, and there is no shortage of events to attend! If you're in the mood to network, chat and hang with the coolest nerds in Canada, here are some of the best meet-ups to check out.


This super-casual and super-fun meet-up happens the last Wednesday of every month at Get Well Bar! Torontaru has been running for years and is a fantastic place to hang out with friends, make new ones and meet industry professionals in an awesome Arcade bar.

North of Brooklyn Pizza is also located at the back of the bar, in case you're feeling a pie (and it's some good pie). I would suggest showing up early (around 8pm) as it can fill up very fast, but it's always a great time.

Torontaru's Facebook
Torontaru at Get Well Bar
Bonus Stage

Bonus Stage

Bonus Stage happens the third Tuesday of every month at Power Up Bar. The event is mostly a meet-up, but every month attendees can sign up (via their Facebook Events) for the open mic to give a five minute talk! Each month has a theme to base your talk around and it's a great opportunity to connect with your fellow game devs about a subject you're passionate about.

The bar itself has game consoles set up at every table so you can play a game of Rocket League or Mario Kart once the talks are done. The menu also has a variety of gaming-related cocktails, and their sliders are pretty dang tasty.

Bonus Stage's Facebook

The Breakfast Game Audio Club

Not a night-owl? Me neither. That's why Alex and I started the Breakfast Game Audio Club! Come out to Black Cat Cafe the first Thursday of every month at 9am for amazing coffee, TO's best breakfast sandwiches and game audio chat. The event isn't exclusive to audio nerds though - if you're an early-rising developer who just wants to talk games, you're very welcome to join us!

The Club is generally intimate, super laid back and a fantastic way to start your day. We've had guests such as Eduardo Vaisman, Senior Audio Lead at Ubisoft Toronto, so it's a great opportunity to chat with the best in the business while also getting highly caffeinated.

The Breakfast Game Audio Club's Twitter
Breakfast Game Audio Club at Black Cat Cafe
2-Bit Game Club at Civis Toronto

2-Bit Game Club

This monthly discussion group happens the first Tuesday of every month at Civis Toronto and is accompanied by a monthly podcast! Each meet-up begins with a short presentation of an influential game, followed by a lengthy round-table discussion. It's fun to play the game beforehand (like a real book club) but there's no rules - whether you played the game recently, years ago, or you've never heard of it, it's a laid-back and fun meet-up to learn and talk about the games that changed history.

2-Bit Game Club's Facebook

The Game Audio Thing

Another casual event at Get Well Bar. Though this game audio meet-up isn't very regular, I include it because the Ubisoft team (who organizes it) are some of the friendliest and knowledgable people I've had the pleasure of meeting. I'd suggest following them on Twitter to keep an eye out for when the next meet-up happens (hopefully soon)!

Did I miss an awesome event? Let me know! This is an ever-growing list of the best game developer meet-ups in Toronto - I love this community and I want it to continue to grow, so come on out and mingle!

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