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Destiny's Sword (Exclusive Preview Album)

2Dogs Games Ltd.

The exclusive preview album for the video game Destiny's Sword, currently in development by 2Dogs Games.

Destiny's Sword is a sci-fi strategy/combat mmorpg video game, with a twist!

Sure, it has vast online wars - exciting clashes between humans and machines, challenging multiplayer boss battles and rich story-based cooperative missions, but combat is only the beginning!

The first online game to feature a realistic portrayal of the long term consequences of conflict and to explore the mental health issues arising from it, Destiny's Sword is a thoughtful, emotional and strategic experience.

With our proprietary Insight Engine™ technology, you can get to know your characters' unique personalities – what makes them tick and what they're struggling with. Characters can experience over 80 different emotions, and these affect their health, their performance, their relationships with other characters and even their interactions with players.

Characters are always evolving based on their experiences throughout the game, including player decisions, life events and combat trauma. They can be wounded and killed, but they can also suffer persistent mental health issues like PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction. Healing and recovery is just as cooperative and social as the combat – in Destiny's Sword, working together is the best recipe for success!

To become a great leader, you will have to be a great strategist, but you will also need to be aware of your characters' physical and mental well-being.

What happens off the field of battle is every bit as important and what happens on it!

Have you got what it takes? Find out in Q4 2019.

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